How to install WordPress in C panel | Install WordPress | 2019


Hello, friends, today’s topic is very interesting. So you read this complete article.

We will know how to install WordPress in the c panel.

If you are thinking of building a website then WordPress is a great platform.

With WordPress, you can create a very beautiful website.

You can create any website from WordPress.If you do not have knowledge about coding.

then you can create a website from WordPress.But you have to first install WordPress in the C panel.

If You want to make the website. you have two things compulsory. first is domain and second hosting.

When you buy hosting from any website like GoDaddy, big rock, etc. there is a link to your email that link is your C Panel login page. where you have to click. C panel is a very important thing for a website. 

c panel detail
c panel detail


When you click on the link, you will have a one-page of C panel login. you fill up user name and password and open c panel dashboard.

cpanel login page
cpanel login page

After that, you will find the dashboard Then you have to go down. After that, you have to click on SoftCulous app installer.

when you click on softaculous app installer then open next page. this page is very important. so, you give full attention on this page. Click on installed.

Then you have to fill the entire data.As the user name and password, Which will be the login page of your WordPress.