Youtube Subscribers Rank : How to Youtube Subscribers Rank in 2019

Today Topic is How to youtube subscribers Rank, everyone wants to become a youtuber. Should make money or promote the video.

 Some years ago YouTube did not hear the name. But since the JIO has come, YouTube user growth has increased in India. 

Talk about the current user’s 1.9 billion users every month and stay active.

One time we did not know the YouTube name. But today is the second largest search engine. That is, Google is the first one. 

After that is YouTube. But YouTube is a social media platform. But people have made this a search engine. 

If you have any problems then search in YouTube. . There is a lot of growth in the future OF Youtube.

I have seen that the children want to leave their studies and become Youtuber. Which is a huge risk. YouTube does not guarantee you that you will earn money.

That is, you do not give full time in YouTube. 

This will save you a lot of time. And those people who do jobs. They will also advise you that you go to the job and pay attention.

 Why it is very difficult to get success to YouTuber today. But not impossible. That is, you can become a youth. It takes a lot of time for friends to get into YouTube.

You can also run YouTube as Business. There are so many YouTuber that have made youtube like business. But they have taken a lot of time.

You know why many people fail in YouTube .

When you want to work in YouTube, you do not attention some information about YouTube. That is how YouTube works.

 How is video rank in YouTube? what is Subscriber in YouTube. All is the basic thing. But you should be aware of everything or everything.

You know that even though you say so much, your video does not rank.

 To tell the truth, Big Youtuber or small Youtuber all work hard. But Big youtuber View comes in the videos of YouTube, but the small Youtuber comes in a low view.

Let me tell you some way to rank your video. If you do not see your video then you can follow this process. Or process you should do. As much as youtube is, all follow this process.

Tell me some tips. You must follow these tips.

 Many people read the tips of such people but do not follow them. But you should not do that. You follow this tip.

 Before you talk about a thing youtube is a machine which runs from some allogrithm. 

That allogrithm ranks the video by following some tips. So you must be careful about this.

How To Youtube Subscribes Rank

What is a keyword?

KEYWORD is called those who search IN Google and Youtube.

That is, if someone searches on Google or in YouTube. Some keywords are searched by typing.

 Like did any people search in google or youtube on YouTube keyword.If you still do not understand. 

I want to understand by image.You will definitely understand by image. Because picture understand power is equal to 100 text word. 

Friends photo quality is not good but you understand.

I hope now you will have got the understanding.You can use the Keyword Tool for keywords.This means that the topic on which you are making video.

 What is the keyword of that topic? Before searching for a keyword, see its volume. That is, how much people search on that keyword.

If the keyword is searched by 5000 people, then you can use that keyword.


Description is a short post that is written about the same video. But many people use it in many ways. As it will add an affiliate link. Or add a promotional product link.

YouTube gives a lot of value to Description . And you have to write the description well. 

And be aware that in the description you should have a keyword.So you definitely do decryption.

 Description written in at least 300 words From this, YouTube will rank your video quickly.

Friends, you may have understood in this image what the description is.

 Some people write anything in description. which is not a topic related.

 But remember you write a description about the topic on which the video you are creating.


Tags is a Sub keyword.

We can also called the tag as a keyword.

TAGS is your video’s sub keyword. This means that if someone searches for the TAG keyword in YouTube Then that keyword contains your video rank.

 If you want to rank your video early, then you should use at least 20 keywords in your video. 

Does that mean you do not have any TAG delals? When using TAG, you have to take care of something.

So you have seen in this image how much the tags are. So you also have to use it at the time of video upload. And what you will use to tag. 

That should be the keyword. Then your video will help to rank.

You should know that when you upload some of the social media platforms, you give it # tags. The post will rank quickly.

 Its an example is Instagram when you upload photos to Instagram, then you use the # tags in it. That’s why you should also use YouTube.


The bigger name of the thumbnail is its name. 

There is much work to do to get the view in the video. 

The entire video has a thumbnail backbone. You do not ignore this.

 Thumbnail is an image. Which tells the visitor what video the video is on. Now it does not mean or is 100% correct.

 Some people use it with black tricks. How do they make videos on any other topic and thumbnails seem to be something else.

Which way should the thumbnails be made? Friends Thumbnails You must be very aggressive.

 Thumbnails should be absolutely trust.

 It is not that the video is on any other topic and thumbnails of any other topic This makes the visitor very irritable.


If most should be good then it is content.

 If your content is amazing. So people will share your videos themselves. 

So that your video will be promoted. Then your views will start coming. You know one thing, Content this King. 

That is, the content of the most known aspect is to grow your YouTube career. 

So first you have to do your best to complete the content. So that the visitor should subscribe to you once.

Friends, if you take 3 days to make the video. It does not matter, no matter. But give you good content. 

Give the full knowledge to the video you create. This will make the subscriber base good. At least your video should be 5.

All the videos you make should be solved with all video problems. Not that you make anything video. Now there will be a question in your mind.

 My channel is of comedy. So how to create a video on the question.

Friends, for this, you have to make a question on any question. Force you to make a video like social. 

Thereby, the society can learn something. Such as making videos on school life.


There will be no need to tell about about quality.

 No matter the quality without quality is not good. 

Here’s the quality of how the video is. Your video is in HD or not. If your video is clear then people will definitely watch your video. 

But now you will have a question that I do not have a camera, so how to do video quality. Friends, if you have any mobile phone then you can edit good video. And make quality videos from it.

When you go to watch movies, you like to watch videos in a good quality in TREATER. Likewise, you have to make quality videos too. 

Because the visitor is not irreated. Many people are such that the voice of the goat is in the video.

 The same video has been uploaded to YouTube. It does not look good with the visitor’s attention.

Add subtitles, cards, end screen 

It have a process. You should have seen that when we watch the whole video, the last video contains 3 or 4 video banner.

You can promote 4 videos from a video using it. That is, if any one of your videos becomes viral. Those automatic 4 videos will be viral. 

So you must use it. We call them Add subtitles, cards, end screen to your video.

Share on Social Media

When you follow all the tips or you should follow the tips. 

Today’s social media is very active people live.

 So you should share the video in social media.

 If your content is good then there will be lots of shares in the social media. 

Which will increase your subscriber.

Reply Comment

Those people who do not pay attention, do not reply to the comment.

 When the visitor sees your video then there is a question in his mind that asks in the comment.

 You should reply to his comment. This will make good connections with your subscriber.

End How To Youtube Subscribes Rank

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