WordPress website speed: Increase WordPress website speed ?

Hey Guy, How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin .everyone has the same problem. The problem is that there is no traffic on the website or blog. When you start of blog or website. when you write an article then more grammar and spelling mistake. you improve the article.

Or the problem happens with everyone. If there is no traffic on your website then you are doing some mistake. You do not worry about this problem. You know or increase the WordPress website speed.

Let me tell you one thing All the successful content marketers or SEO( search engine optimize ) expert were the same problems as in the beginning time.

When they were also creating their own blog or website. His website also did not get traffic. they have to pay attention to Increase WordPress website speed.

and they have learned regularly and have made their brand of own website or blog and name today. Today they are earning millions of money.

There are many people who leave blogging. because the reason is not traffic in their blog. So you do not have to do this. You do not leave your blog or website.

You’ve been regularly working hard on your blog or website. You work in the right way on your website or blog. Learn more from other bloggers.

The more you read the blog you will learn. All the expert bloggers as well as everyone,  have read so much blog.

If you are writing your post well. And doing full SEO  too. The keyword low competition is also a choice, and that keyword has thousands of search results. Still, your blog is not ranked.

Google has lots of algorithms that apply to your blog. Many people do not attention about what we know today. And Google gives a lot of value to this thing. If you have to know then read this article carefully.

If your website’s loading time is not good or the speed of page loading is also not good. Your article will not rank on the first page. So you have to do all or the good. We will know its complete details.

what is page speed?

Increase WordPress website speed.
Increase WordPress website speed.

Page Speed Definition is very easy and very small. Page Speed means that your article or post is taking so much time to open it.

If you want to know in simple language Page Speed means how long time your post is taking to load. If your post or article is taking a long time to load, then your page speed is not good.

If a visitor opens your article and your post page opens quickly This makes the visitor happy. 

If your post page does not open quickly, the visitor will leave your website and go to another website. And your website’s bounce rate will be very bad.

Which means Google will not let your blog rank. You will know that The more time visitor or subscriber spend or see in YouTube videos with good watch time, the faster your video will rank in YouTube.

 Thereby causing the video to rank. It is also followed by a rule in the blog. If people live and read in your post or website for a long time.

Google will rank your website or post. You must be careful that the blog remains on the first page. That blog is very big.

By which people give time to go to that post. And the bounce rate is good. So that their article or post is ranked.

If you improve the page speed of your website then your website will start to rank. There is a lot of hot reason for page speed decreasing. You can measure Page Speed by using a lot of free tools. If someone ignores it then you will know to significance after some time. 

Tell you one more thing if your page speed is not good. Your blogger’s career may be poor. You do not mind my talk. But or the truth is the matter. You should pay attention to page speed. You do not even ignore at all.

Now you might think that how we do good to page speed. Can we do it for free? Or you can do good page speed for free.

Why are Pages Speed Slow?

Increase WordPress website speed.
Increase WordPress website speed.

I have told you earlier that there is a lot of reason. But we will talk about something important. Which often happens. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

  • Website Page Size large.  

  • Website’s page is not mobile-friendly.

  • Image size bigger.

  • Adding a lot of add in the post or on the website.

  • Use more widgets on your website.

  • Bad Hosting.

  • Use more plugin on the website.

  • Background image.

  • Theme.

Website Page Size large

When you become a website, you make the home page very large. If your website gives some services and sells your product, then you can make the first page larger.

But if you have a website of your blog. You write blogs on any topic. You must read the successful blogger’s article and see their website as well.

You know that India’s largest tech blogger is Harsh Agarwal. Whose website is ShoutMeloud? You can check their website. Their website’s home page or first page is too small. It means that you will see 4 posts in it.

If you do not understand the facts. So I understand you with simple language. What do many people do on their website? Keeps a lot of post on the homepage or first page of the website. Like a news website lives in.

If your blog is a website then you should not do this. But if your website is of news. Then you can a lot of post a website on the first page.

The smaller your page will be, the faster your website or post will open. So you do not have to grow your page. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed

Website’s page is not mobile-friendly

Your website or post should be mobile-friendly in Google’s algorithm. You will know that the layout changes in the mobile of your website.

You will find different layouts on your computer, and the mobile phone will have a layout. And 60% of people search for the mobile. In the coming days, people will be using Google from mobile phones than desktop.

The way mobile is growing. For this reason, Google will be used by mobile phones.

How would you know if the website is mobile friendly or not? If you want to know whether your website or blog is mobile friendly or not. So you have to use a tool. Which is Google’s product? And it’s totally free. You will not get any charge to use this tool.

if you want to know your website or post is mobile friendly please you click here. check your website by this tool. 

increase WordPress website speed
increase WordPress website speed

If you want to make your website mobile friendly then you have to take care of something. First of all, you have to choose a mobile-friendly theme.

If you choose the right theme then your 90% work is done. You can make a mobile friendly using some plugins. plugins are jetpack and wp mobile pack. Or were the two easy ways that you have to use.

Mobile friendly website or post is very helpful in getting ranked. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed

Image size bigger

There are many people who are too much in their post using the image. Look, friends, you must use the image in your post, but do not use more the image in post.

The lesser the size of the image, the better it is for your post and website. The size of the image should not be exceeded by 220kb. If the size of the image is gone then the post will take a long time to load. This will have a bad effect on your website.

You will find a lot of websites, which you can use in Google to create a low size image. There are lots of tools and premiums too. You can use a website that you can use to reduce the size of the image. the website name is web resizer. and resize images. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

Adding a lot of add in the post or on the website.

If you have read the article carefully. So I have told about it. Do not use the maximum article on your website page. Your website will look as clean as you would like.

 Many people think that if there is a maximum article on the first page, the visitors will definitely read. But friends will not think good to see your website if your website is full.

The more clean blogs you can have. Your website will soon become a brand. Visitors look at your website and understand that the blogger is in position from the angle.

You must have seen that the bigger the blogger is. Their page is very small. Give you an example of a suspicious blogger.

The name website of your shout-me-loud will then be heard. Or is blog Harsh Agarwal? You must have seen their blog on more clean it is. His blog’s first page has 3 articles.

How To add minimum Articles in Your Website

  • First, you open the dashboard of WordPress.

  • After that click in Settings.

  • Then you will get the reading option. Clicking is in the reading.

  • choice number of the article.

  • click on save-change.


    You can see on my website that only 5 posts will appear on one page. My website now has page number 15. And every page has 5 posts. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

    Use more widgets on your website

You fill too much in the widget on a website. You do not have to do anything on the website widget.

You have to have the option of the popular post in the widget. And keep an affiliate product in the widget.

Do not keep in the more than two option widget on the website. If you add more widget in a website, then the page speed of your website will decrease. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

Bad Hosting

Weak Web hosting also reduces your website and page speed. If you do not take the right hosting. This means that your hosting website is unable to load.

If your website has more post or image is a website. So your hosting should be very good. Or your blog is 2000 visitor Daily, you should still good hosting.

You can take hosting from Blue Host, in this, you get a good hosting. You get full customer support. Many more bloggers who use Bluehost hosting. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed. if you want to buy a good domain.

Use more plugin on the website

Many bloggers use a lot of plugins to give their types of features on their website. If your website sells the product then you will have a lot of plugins installed. You have to take good hosting for this.

But if your blog is a website then you do not use the more plugin. The lightest your website will be. The more your website will open soon. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

Background image

Never use a background image. If you have to do then your website speed may be lower. The background image does not look good on the website.

If you want your website or page speed to be good, then do not use a background image. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

So if you want anyone to open your website and page well. Rank your article on Google. Bounce rate is low. Both your website and page speed are good. There is a good response to your visitor. complete the topic  to Increase WordPress website speed.

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