10 Reason “Why Google Adsense not approved?”

Hello Friends, today’s topic is very important. So you read this article carefully. Know today why Google Adsense is not giving APPROVAL your website. Which is the default in your website?

As you may know, the policy of Google Adsense has been very strict, in 2019. The way in which people were previously getting easy approval by Google Adsense, now they are not able to take it.

If the website is rejected by 10 times, then you will not work on Google Adsense. I’m speaking to you about this. If you work on hard work as much as you can on affiliate marketing, you will also get profit it than Google Adsense.

Some reasons will tell why your website is not Approved.


1.Insufficient content.

That is, if the text content is not available on the website, then you will not be able to AdSense Approve. Many people apply to the image and video for their website. Due to which you will not allow Google Adsense.

If the post should have at least 500 words There should be at least 2 images in it. Do not put too much image in your post. If your image is a website then you have to write some content.

2. Do Not Mean Content.

If your website does not have meaningful content. This will not make any sentence to your post. In this article, you will not complete any topic. You will not get Google Adsense approval.

Many people do not know English, then they write articles in English. The meaning of which is wrong. If you know to Hindi then you have written an article in Hindi only. Hindi Article also allows Google Adsense.

3. Theme change regularly.

If you frequently change your website. Such as themes, or pages, or articles, footers. You will not get Adsense approval. If your website is fully completed then you apply for AdSense.

4. Content Quality. 

If your content will not have quality. You will not get the application approved. Many people write anything article on their website. Which does not have any meaning?

5. Duplicate content.

If your content is duplicated. It allows you to upload Hindi content of any website by converting it into English. They copy the image. For this reason, Google AdSense does not approve of your website.

6. Use other add in the website.

If you have placed another advertisement  on your website. This is promoting affiliate marketing to your website. This is also a reason  Google Adsense has not been approved.

7. Adult content

If your website has some adult content or image. This is not content according to Google’s policy. You will never get the Google Adsense Approval from this.

8. Traffic

A few years ago, traffic was not necessary for them Adsense to be approved. But in 2019 there is a lot of change policy in Google Adsense. If your website does not have 2000 total traffic. You will not be allowed to access Google Adsense.

9. Unsupport language

This mistake is very few people do. Google gives value to some of the languages in its search engine.

10. Not create sitemap

If your website’s sitemap will not be submitted in Google This will not submit the post link to you. It may also be a reason to not be approving Adsense.