21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India

21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India.

Hello Guys, Today Topic about Mistakes blogging for the beginner. When you start blogging on someone’s say As you might have seen in a YouTube video, earning money from blogging.

When you come to talk about them, you start blogging. And it is said that you find it very easy to blogging. But when blogging is done. Then discover that or is difficult. And blogging is not as easy as it seems.

Blogging is the Earning or Depending on Your Traffic Or as traffic would be organic. That’s good. For Traffic, you have to rank a post in Google. To rank in Google, you have to write a good post. And the hard work is refining.

You say that 90% of bloggers fail. Only 10% of people have succeeded in their blogging career. Doing this causes 90% of bloggers to fail. Blogging is not a game. Which you play. Blogging is a business. Just like any business creates a product.

By the way, the blogger’s product remains his article. The more people will love your product as well. The better the posts will be, the more people will love your website. Just like the business you need the experience to run. Well, the website must be experienced to rank.

21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India.

1. Choose the Wrong Niche

bloggging for begineer When you think about blogging. So you can not find the right niche to decide or choose. Then you start the blog of the one whom you see as profitable. Or do the biggest mistake.

You should never work at seeing profits. So the question is then how to choose the niche. To choose a Niche you have to see your interest. 

The most important thing is knowledge. How much information do you have on that niche? If you do not even know. So how can you write articles?

You should have knowledge so that you write at least 100 posts on the website in more than 1000 words. Talking about making money So you have every niche money.Adsense is not best for a beginner ? why

2.Not Detail ContenT

bloggging for begineer When you write articles on any topic. you do not write in full details. Or write the details in 3 or 4 posts. And think that there will be come more views with 4 posts. But this does not happen.

Do not publish articles in a hurry. If you take 1 week to write an article then there is no problem. Whatever the article should be, it should be in complete detail. This results in good defeat with the visitor. Share Your Article Visitor Visitors are happy with your post.

3. Do not use Heading. like H1, H2, and H3

bloggging for begineer,When you write an article, you write in any heading. You also have to pay attention to the heading. Why Google Follows Headings You must use the H1, H2, H3, or 3 headings in your post. The heading is an SEO part. So you do not ignore it. So you have to keep the heading in mind, write the article.

4. Do not break a paragraph

bloggging for begineer, This means that you do not divide the post in the paragraph. It has been seen that the article changes the paragraph and gives Google value. So the first people used to write the entire article in a paragraph. But friends do not have it anymore. Now you have a lot of paragraph in a post.

5. Ignore published time.

bloggging for begineer, Many people ignore the time. That is when the mind then publishes the article. Make some routines without it. You must publish an article from a routine. Big bloggers keep this in mind. Beginner ignores bloggers or things.

Now you have to think about what to do with time. So let me explain it with an example. You will have to eat only at the same time every day. You follow this routine. If you are late for an hour, you are not allowed to enter the school. So you must have understood the importance of time here.

One thing is that millions of posts are published in every day in Google. So soon you’ll publish the article as fast as the article will rank. Google gives value to Old Post As you will know that Old This Gold So post it anytime but whenever you publish the post, then the same time. Or you can also publish your visitor by targeting. You know in Google Analytics that the visitor keeps going through the angle at your website.

6. Do not use social media

bloggging for begineer, Everyone uses social media. But they use personally. Which is a good thing But if you have a blog or business, then you use social media as a professional.

You will know that millions of people are active on social media. So you are promoting your article or business here. They are absolutely free. All you need to do is join a target group. If you have blog technical NICHE. So you join any technical group. And reuse your post in it. Or share the link. You will definitely get the result.

The Internet has more than 200 social media platforms. You must publish the post on all platforms. This will get backlinks to the website. I know or are difficult but friends will benefit you. Keep the social media share buttons in the post. Of course. Which means the visitor will share your post.

7. Do not use the correct keyword.

bloggging for begineer, The problem that happens to all the people. Whether beginner or expert Keyword research is not so easy. But those who are beginners, they post a post on any keyword.

They do not see how much the keyword search is. How much is the deficient? Or all the data you will see when writing the post. The game of blogging is on the keyword itself. So you research the keyword well. I know that you are a beginner. You can not use premium tools. So you use the UberSUGGEST tool Or is totally free.

This keyword tool lets you search for keywords. Here you will find how many people search this keyword. How much does it have SEO difficult? How much is% Chance to be Ranked? There is a great tool. Must use it.

8. Not reply Comment.

bloggging for begineer, You do not care about it. What people are saying Or do not respond to the comment. You have a big blogger who replies to every comment. There is a good relation with the visitor. So you also have to reply to the visitor.

9. Do not follow SEO.

Hey, guys are beginners, do not follow SEO in the article. Early on, the article is published. Thereby, the article does not rank. If you are told to follow your article SEO then the article rank will definitely do. You just have to keep your passion.

SEO learned first. How does Google rank the article? Friends can not tell you SEO 100% right. Or you have to learn from Experience. You will take some time. But when you are an expert then you can earn good money. The demand for an SEO expert is very high on the internet.

10. Do not create a backlink.

A backlink is an SEO part. A backlink is the backbone of your website. Backlinks help you to rank in the article. If you make backlinks from the Competitor, then your article rank will be soon.

But keep in mind that more backlink is not perfect with rank. And remember once you make quality backlinks. The website of which is DA OR PA. Making a backlink to any website will not be of any use.

11. Do not use a clean theme.

Having such themes do not matter. But people do not keep clean themes. By which the visitor becomes irritated. And the theme should be loading too fast. It is often seen that the website of all the big bloggers is very clean.

12. Do not attention mobile friendly.

You often do not take care of whether your website or article is mobile friendly or not. Google gives value to the mobile-friendly article. Why people keep their mobile from the computer active on the mobile. From which Google thinks the website or article mobile will be friendly, the article will look good to the visitor.

13. Do not use correct Tags.

Any beginner who does not pay attention to the tag. Some people use any tag. So you have to use the same tag as the keyword in your article. That is, if your article has 10 keywords, then you use the same keyword in the tag.

14. Do write post-High competition.

If you start blogging then just earning money in your mind. Because of which you make a lot of mistakes in blogging. You write an article on a keyword that has good traffic, but there is a lot of difficulties.

You Ignore the difficulty and publish the article and think that the article will be ranked. The DA and PA of the website of the Beginners are not yet known. So how does the article rank backward to High DA and PA website So if you are making a mistake, then you write this article to keep it in mind?

15. Use Free Hosting.

Thinking of Beginner’s blogging seems to be from youtuber’s point of view. And many YouTubers say that you use free domains and hosting in the beginning. But friends, I believe you do not use free hosting. If you have some money then you can buy hosting. Hosting is also available to you in very cheap. Many websites that give shots cheaply.

16. Do copy another article. 

Or the work that’s done is very beginner. They copy each other’s blog and paste their website and then publish it and think that the article will be ranked. Look friend who’s got a lot of streaks. Or the work was earlier but now it does not happen.

If you copy an article and publish it on your website, then you are wasting time in the blogging career. So you have to give the original content. If your content is original then your article rank will definitely be there. Never use another’s hard work. Work yourself. Then you will succeed in blogging.

17. Do not use the correct description.

The description is a part of SEO. A friend or a basic person is with everyone. The description cannot be written by any good. Beginner description writes anything. A description is to write that the article which you are writing is its short meaning. Keywords should also come in the description. this is compulsory.

18. Do not use an email subscription feature.

Beginners do not feature subscriptions on their website. So that people can not subscribe to their website. Subscriber feature is a great advantage. Such as collector’s email. Then email marketing. Or send an article to an email. And a lot of benefits from email. But email should be correct.

19. AIM in Earning.

Making money is a great thing but the relish comes when you earn your talent. The beginner who has the purpose of making money is always ours. That’s wrong. You would know that making money from blogging is not as easy as it sounds. Blogging gives earning on your traffic. How much traffic is there on the website? The beginner should focus on traffic, and no money is needed.

20. Share article NOT timely.

Articles of your website should be timely shared. It provides a lot of benefits. Such as your article will be traffic from social media. And the bounce rate for the article will be lower. Big bloggers who follow this work. They definitely do old articles on a stock or Facebook page in the month. The beginners do not do that. Or there is also a reason that beginners make mistakes.

21.NOT  Update article

This mistake even bigger or successful bloggers to do. Then it will be from the beginner. Many people write articles once, after that, they sometimes focus on that article. That’s a big mistake. So you need to update the old article one after another in 6 months. So do not think that once you write an article, now the work is finished. If you keep updating the article, Google will feel that the article is new. And Google will let him rank on the first page.

END 21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India.

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