[Fix] How to Solve Google Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error

Fix Valuable Inventory Under Construction & No Content Violation

Do you apply for the application to apply. Google Adsense rejects your website. I.e. Google Adsense does not approve to your website. Google Adsense gives you notifications  about problem under contruction.

Am I Right

My Dear friend the problem is happening to everyone right now. so you are not disappointed. There can be many reasons for this.like content , theme , etc. 

My client was having the same problem. He applied for 5 times the application for approval. But repeatedly rejecting Google Adsense. His content was also good. The question is why Google Adsense has not approved it.

[Fix] How to Solve Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error

I’m so very sad. Why did he work hard for 3 months even though his website was not applying to Google Adsense. Whilst his content was also unique.

But I approved his ads in 1 week. Today we will cover the same topic what my client was doing wrong. If this is your problem then you should read this article well.

why Google adsense rejected the website through under construction

  1. Content

  2. Broken links

  3. Change website desgin

  4. Upload post in one times.

  5. Trrafic.

  6. Not indexing  website or post.

Content means that you are not writing the meaningful content. That is, there is no meaning to your content. My clients were also doing the same mistake. First you analise your content. Your content should mean. Not that you write anything in your post. Google checks your website very well. So you do not understand Google as stupid.

Broken links mean some link in your website that is Useless. That is, there is no website or page for that link.The 404 error comes in a website that contains a lot of links. Because of this, Google Adsense does not allow it. Or you can publish the article after some days you will  delete it . So that comes in Broken Link too.

Change Website Design: That is, you change something in your website. There is also a very big problem. When you apply for AdSense, you do not have to change anything in your website. If you change frequently, Google will find that your website has not been completed. Due to this, your website will be rejigged and the ads will not be approved.

Upload Post On One Times: What It Means .What many people do is publish 15 posts in one day and apply for Google Adsense. Which Google does not know or is not regular in the website. Because of which your website rejects your website This is what people do business for selling Google Adsense. Or do not beginner.

If you did not understand, then I would give you an example.
Imagine buying a domain today and publishing 15 articles today. Today, apply for Google Adsense. Now you will have a question about how to write 15 posts in a day. Or keep all the posts written in advance.

Traffic: Traffic means you must have understood. If there is no traffic on your website then you can get the problem. You must have 2000 traffic on your website, together with all the posts. If Survey has visited your website with 2000 people. So you will not have any problem. It is not that you should have 2000 traffic every day.

Not indexing  website or post One reason or maybe your website may not be approved. If your website is not indexed in Google then Google will feel that there is a new website. If you do not have a post index in Google then Google will not know how much posts are posted to your website.

I see other people’s thoughts as well. What other people are saying to solve this problem.

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How To Fix : valuable inventory: under construction
Here is a list of unacceptable contents which may lead to Valuable Inventory violation.

  • Rewriting, Scraping, Mirroring or Framing of content from different sources without adding proper value;
  • Pages with more advertisements than publisher-provided content
  • Automatically generated content without manual review or curation
  • Pages without content or Hosted ad pages
  • Pages that don’t follow Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Fixing Valuable Inventory Under Construction
Remove Pages which can cause violation -Pages which don’t have valuable content should be removed. In another way, you need to add valuable content to your pages and post, if you can’t just remove it
Remove AdSense Ads from vaolated pages – If you think you should not delete a page or a post not having valuable content then you should auto restrict ad serving on the same.


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[Fix] How to Solve Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error
[Fix] How to Solve Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error

How solve under construction problem through Google Adsense

  1. Write meaningfull content: When you wrote the article correctly, It is not that your article has no meaning. You are writing articles on any topic. If you do not want to write an article in English then you can also write in Hindi. If you write good and meaningful articles in Hindi then you will definitely approve Google Adsense.

2.Reduce broken links: Remove any broken links in your website from your post or page. If you want to find broken links. you can use Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools will analyze your website and see you what’s wrong with your website.

3. Not change regularly: This means you do not change your website repeatedly. As the theme does not change, do not change the widget frequently, do not change the footer. Do not change posts and pages too frequently. When you apply for Adsense Approval, then you do not change anything after that. You do not rule out the article as because Google adsense gives  reply within 24hrs.

4. Regular upload post: You have to publish a post in your website every day. You continue to publish post continuously for at least 15 days in your website. After that you apply for Google Adsense.

5. Traffic(20000: In 2019, Google adsense changed some policies. Previously Google Adsense did not check traffic on your website. But now checks. Your website must have visited at least 2000 people. . Then you will approve them. Or all is a whole new update.

6. Indexing website and all links:That is, the number of links in your website. All that should be indexed in Google. You need to use Google Webmaster Tools for the index.

If you follow all or all. Your website will give 100% Google approval. I have received the approval of Google Adsense by following this same thing on my client’s website. If you have written 25 or 30 posts in your website If Google is not applying your website to Google, you can stop by 1 week and apply 4 posts. Then you will get easy approval.

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