Earn Paytm Cash: How to earn daily Paytm cash

Earn Paytm Cash: How to earn daily Paytm cash 

Hello, GUY, everybody wants to earn money There are lots of students who do not even have money for recharge.

You should Paytm KYC then you can earn money. Mini KYC and full KYC has any of this from you. Only then can you make money

Today we will know how to earn money from Paytm. You can not earn millions from Paytm But you can earn money for recharge.

Or you can earn more than that. Or the offer is not very wrong.

Paytm keeps bringing lots of offers. The one who will tell you the tricks is absolutely new.

Many people or tricks do not know. My friends have followed these tricks by earning Rs. 2000 in 3 days. Which is very good.

You can earn as much mobile number as you can. Now you think I have 2 or 3 mobile numbers just so. So now how we earn money.

Your friends will definitely be there. You can earn money from their mobile number too. The best thing is that without the KYC number you can earn.

That is, if KYC has not happened to your friend MOBILE NUMBER then you can earn money.

You get 40 poses at each mobile number. That means if you have 40 friends then you can earn 1600.

I think if you are a college student then you will surely have 40 friends. It is a great thing if it is gone.

It is very easy to follow these tricks. A 7-year-old child can do this too. You just have to buy Goel without money.

After that, he has to sell it. Now you would think about how to buy gold without money. I will tell you something. Or all you can do practically.

Earn Paytm Cash: How to earn daily Paytm cash. Just Follow 15 step earn 40RUPEES

1. First of all, you have opened PAYTM.

2. After that, there is no number in the Paytm created account. The number on which the Paytm has never been formed.

3. Then you write Gold in the Search Bar.

4. Then have to search.

5. Then you have to select 40 rupees.

6. And click on the Proceed.

7. Then you have to click on the Promo-code.

8. The promo-code is written in FREE 40 or FREE 30. When you write 30, choose from 30 rupees.

9. Then give a click on the proceed.

10. Just now you’ve bought gold. Now it is to sell it.

11. Then you have to search in the Gold Search Bar.

12. Then select it in the sell option.

13. Then you have to search in the Gold Search Bar.

14.  Then select it in the sell option.

14. Click here to sell in gram.

15. Then you will get the option of bank details. You have to give your bank details. After that click on the cell, Your process is now complete. Now your bank will have money.

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