How to Earn Money sportskeeda cricket – sportskeeda cricket

How to Earn Money sportskeeda cricketsportskeeda cricket

Hey Guy, Today’s Topic How to Earn Money sportskeeda cricket. Today the importance of money has increased. All people want money wisely.

All people are good at money but they do not earn as much they need. Some people earn a lot of money. Some people do not earn money while they do not earn money.

These people are called the middle classes. They have to believe that the amount of hard-earned money That is why those people struggled for a lifetime of money.

People who are of middle class They say that you can earn as much as you have a qualification. But those who are wealthy start earning money at a very young age.

Like most successful Investor Warren Buffett started earning money for 11 years.

I have seen that many people do hard work even after hard work. Even those people cry for money. They work hard but do not have the technique to earn money and save money. That rich person knows well.

People who do not earn money or write a post If you are a student then you can earn money by following it. Or is a process. It can not make you richer from earning money here. But you can do your utmost. You do not miss this article.

If you are a student then you will know how much unemployment is increasing. you know about Instagram

Talk about getting admission in school or getting government jobs, where lakhs are crowded. That’s why many people did not get jobs. So that their problem is growing.

The most forgiving regret happens when you make a lot of money, despite the fact that you do not earn money. Friends, if you are thinking about making money in a smart way then you have to have patience. it is not necessary to tell you that there are so many ways to make money.

Friends, I know that it looks like watching IPL matches. And you will also have a lot of knowledge. But you know that you can earn money by writing an article about IPL.

Now you have a question in mind. Do I have to do blogging? To get this started, I have to buy domains and hosting. what are domain and hosting? And I have to put money in it. And you can not even rank your article fast. You are telling Falatu.

Friends, you do not have to do this at all. Neither do you have to buy domains or hosting? Do not you have to rank the article. So you have had a question again in your mind how to earn money. And say the article will say.

You have to write an article on a website. Or the website is absolutely trustworthy. If you write articles in it then you can earn a lot of money from it.

There is a question in your mind that if I do not have any knowledge of IPL then how will I write? Friends, if you have knowledge of any sport, then you can write articles. And you can earn money. If you want to write an article on this website, then you have to first search in Google. The website name is sportskeeda.

And or the website is also for those who are thinking of making backlinks to your website. You can make backlinks in free or you can also provide an affiliate link.

As we make backlinks, we analyze the website. Like his da upper pa is fine But or the question comes I do not have to backlink. So what will I do backlink? Friends, you must also think about whether traffic comes to the website or not. If the website does not get traffic, how will the website pay?

So first we have how much of its DA and PA website. If it is good then we will backlink this website. This has increased the VALUE of the websites of Google’s on Google.

Now we will know how much traffic comes to this website.

If there is no traffic on a website then the website is not correct. But if there is good traffic on a website, then you should write an article.


So we have also seen its traffic. Now how will we earn money from this? And how to write a post on this website. So you keep reading this article carefully.

1. First of all, please search for sportskeeda on Google. And then click on it after searching.

2. create an account on the website.

3. you write a unique article.

4. wait for approval

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