10 Reason “Why Google Adsense not approved?”

Hello Friends, today’s topic is very important. So you read this article carefully. Know today why Google Adsense is not giving APPROVAL your website. Which is the default in your website?

As you may know, the policy of Google Adsense has been very strict, in 2019. The way in which people were previously getting easy approval by Google Adsense, now they are not able to take it.

If the website is rejected by 10 times, then you will not work on Google Adsense. I’m speaking to you about this. If you work on hard work as much as you can on affiliate marketing, you will also get profit it than Google Adsense.

Some reasons will tell why your website is not Approved.


1.Insufficient content.

That is, if the text content is not available on the website, then you will not be able to AdSense Approve. Many people apply to the image and video for their website. Due to which you will not allow Google Adsense.

If the post should have at least 500 words There should be at least 2 images in it. Do not put too much image in your post. If your image is a website then you have to write some content.

2. Do Not Mean Content.

If your website does not have meaningful content. This will not make any sentence to your post. In this article, you will not complete any topic. You will not get Google Adsense approval.

Many people do not know English, then they write articles in English. The meaning of which is wrong. If you know to Hindi then you have written an article in Hindi only. Hindi Article also allows Google Adsense.

3. Theme change regularly.

If you frequently change your website. Such as themes, or pages, or articles, footers. You will not get Adsense approval. If your website is fully completed then you apply for AdSense.

4. Content Quality. 

If your content will not have quality. You will not get the application approved. Many people write anything article on their website. Which does not have any meaning?

5. Duplicate content.

If your content is duplicated. It allows you to upload Hindi content of any website by converting it into English. They copy the image. For this reason, Google AdSense does not approve of your website.

6. Use other add in the website.

If you have placed another advertisement  on your website. This is promoting affiliate marketing to your website. This is also a reason  Google Adsense has not been approved.

7. Adult content

If your website has some adult content or image. This is not content according to Google’s policy. You will never get the Google Adsense Approval from this.

8. Traffic

A few years ago, traffic was not necessary for them Adsense to be approved. But in 2019 there is a lot of change policy in Google Adsense. If your website does not have 2000 total traffic. You will not be allowed to access Google Adsense.

9. Unsupport language

This mistake is very few people do. Google gives value to some of the languages in its search engine.

10. Not create sitemap

If your website’s sitemap will not be submitted in Google This will not submit the post link to you. It may also be a reason to not be approving Adsense.


[Landing Page] How to create WordPress landing page for website

How to create a WordPress landing page for website

If you are reading this article then you want to create a landing page.

Am I right

If you want to create a good landing page, then you can read this article fully. I’ll explain it well. Creating a landing page is very easy. All you need to know is some design. Having a Landing Page is a must have on your website.

What is the landing page?

The landing page is a page which looks show amazing and converts a visitor into a customer.  that covers the full details of your website. With the help of Landing Page, you can increase the trust of your website. If your website would be good. Then they will trust the website.

You can speak the landing page to the backbone. In the landing page, all thing will be available like niche, blog, subscription form, services.

[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website

There is a difference between the landing page and home page. People do not know this thing. Many people have the same understanding of the page. But there is a difference between both.

What is the difference between the homepage and a landing page?

Home page                                                            Landing page

  1. Only blog post.                                            1. Blog post available. 

  2. Not Niche Detail.                                        2. Full niche detail.

  3. Not customize.                                            3. Full customize.


Now we will know [Landing Page] How to create a WordPress landing page for the website.

First of all, you installed the Elementor plugin. Elementor is a page builder plugin. This plugin is amazing because the plugin provides many features for creating a landing page. there are many page builder plugin in WordPress but Elementor is better than other.

why Elementor is better than others. Elementor?

It is very easy to use Elementor. You can create a landing page through the Elementor at minimum time. because of Elementor to work Drag and Drop. I hope you want to know How to installed Elementor plugin. Now we discuss [Landing Page] How to create a WordPress landing page for the website.

First of all, you go to pages and click on ‘add new’. After click on “add new” open a new page. Then you click on Elementor. you will see this image. 

[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website


You must make some settings before creating the landing page. You will find a logo at the bottom of the setting. You have to click on it. After that you will get the page layout option In it, you have to select the Elementor full width by removing the default. This will make your page flower width.

[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website


Then you have to click on the + logo. After that, you have to select a single section.[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website

[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website

Then you go to content position and select on middle option remove the default option. If you select on middle option when you write tittle then tittle position available in middle.

[Landing Page] How to create wordpress landing page for website


Then you click on the style option. Now let’s set some background settings. For this, you have to click on the style option. There is a lot of features in style options.How to create WordPress landing page for website


After that, you have to drop the heading option in the left section. Then whatever you have to write, write it. If you have to change the color then you can go to the style option and change the text color. If you want to enlarge the size then you can go to typography and make the size larger or smaller.

How to create WordPress landing page for websiteHow to create WordPress landing page for websiteHow to create WordPress landing page for websiteHow to create WordPress landing page for website


After that, you have to drop the ‘button element’ below the heading in the left section. If you want to make it bigger, you can do it in a style option with a similar process. The most important thing is that you give link in the button that you can give the link in the link option which you have to give. If you are selling something then you will get a link to the shop page. Or you can give a link to the signup page. You can link any page according to your own.

How to create WordPress landing page for website

The landing page will still look something like this. That does not look so good at seeing. We will design it well.

How to create WordPress landing page for website

Then you have to drop the video element in Right Selection. After that, you have to give a link to your video. If you do not have a video channel then you can add a subscribe form. If you have to change something, then you can change the style of go in the style option. Now landing page look like this. the first section will complete. 

How to create WordPress landing page for website

Then you have to make the second section. You can keep anything in the second section but we will add the post. You do not want to add posts. Maximum 6 posts are to be added only.

You then have to click on the + section and drop the single section. After that, you have to drop the post element in the second section. If you have to change something then you can change the style option.

How to create WordPress landing page for website

Then we will take a button element. They will drop below the post. In that button will give a link to the blog. If a visitor wants to read the blog, then he can click the button to go to the blog page. the second section will be complete. 

How to create WordPress landing page for website

Now we will create the third section. The third Section is very important for a landing page. In this section, we will create a subscription form. Previously you installed the Contact 7 plugin. With the help of this plugin, you will create a subscription form.

You have to take a section again. If you want to change the color in it, then you go to the style option. You can change the color by clicking on the color element. As if I have a blue color. You can keep the color accordingly.

You do not have to write the headings in the left section first. After that, you have to drop the shortcode into the right section. In that shortcode you copy and paste from [contact-form-7 id = “169” title = “Untitled”].


How to create WordPress landing page for website

If your website is from a blog then this 3 section is good for you. The Mena section is located on the website which gives some services or sells some physical products. For example, if a website casts the plugin, you should have 5 sections for it. But if you have a blog website then you will also love this 3rd section too. You can edit the theme customization for the footer. You can see how beautiful it is to see the image of this image.How to create WordPress landing page for website

If you do not believe in this article then you can also watch my YouTube video. I have explained the video very well. You will get a better understanding. how to hide subscribers on youtube



[Fix] How to Solve Google Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error

Fix Valuable Inventory Under Construction & No Content Violation

Do you apply for the application to apply. Google Adsense rejects your website. I.e. Google Adsense does not approve to your website. Google Adsense gives you notifications  about problem under contruction.

Am I Right

My Dear friend the problem is happening to everyone right now. so you are not disappointed. There can be many reasons for this.like content , theme , etc. 

My client was having the same problem. He applied for 5 times the application for approval. But repeatedly rejecting Google Adsense. His content was also good. The question is why Google Adsense has not approved it.

[Fix] How to Solve Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error

I’m so very sad. Why did he work hard for 3 months even though his website was not applying to Google Adsense. Whilst his content was also unique.

But I approved his ads in 1 week. Today we will cover the same topic what my client was doing wrong. If this is your problem then you should read this article well.

why Google adsense rejected the website through under construction

  1. Content

  2. Broken links

  3. Change website desgin

  4. Upload post in one times.

  5. Trrafic.

  6. Not indexing  website or post.

Content means that you are not writing the meaningful content. That is, there is no meaning to your content. My clients were also doing the same mistake. First you analise your content. Your content should mean. Not that you write anything in your post. Google checks your website very well. So you do not understand Google as stupid.

Broken links mean some link in your website that is Useless. That is, there is no website or page for that link.The 404 error comes in a website that contains a lot of links. Because of this, Google Adsense does not allow it. Or you can publish the article after some days you will  delete it . So that comes in Broken Link too.

Change Website Design: That is, you change something in your website. There is also a very big problem. When you apply for AdSense, you do not have to change anything in your website. If you change frequently, Google will find that your website has not been completed. Due to this, your website will be rejigged and the ads will not be approved.

Upload Post On One Times: What It Means .What many people do is publish 15 posts in one day and apply for Google Adsense. Which Google does not know or is not regular in the website. Because of which your website rejects your website This is what people do business for selling Google Adsense. Or do not beginner.

If you did not understand, then I would give you an example.
Imagine buying a domain today and publishing 15 articles today. Today, apply for Google Adsense. Now you will have a question about how to write 15 posts in a day. Or keep all the posts written in advance.

Traffic: Traffic means you must have understood. If there is no traffic on your website then you can get the problem. You must have 2000 traffic on your website, together with all the posts. If Survey has visited your website with 2000 people. So you will not have any problem. It is not that you should have 2000 traffic every day.

Not indexing  website or post One reason or maybe your website may not be approved. If your website is not indexed in Google then Google will feel that there is a new website. If you do not have a post index in Google then Google will not know how much posts are posted to your website.

I see other people’s thoughts as well. What other people are saying to solve this problem.

Original Poster

How To Fix : valuable inventory: under construction
Here is a list of unacceptable contents which may lead to Valuable Inventory violation.

  • Rewriting, Scraping, Mirroring or Framing of content from different sources without adding proper value;
  • Pages with more advertisements than publisher-provided content
  • Automatically generated content without manual review or curation
  • Pages without content or Hosted ad pages
  • Pages that don’t follow Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Fixing Valuable Inventory Under Construction
Remove Pages which can cause violation -Pages which don’t have valuable content should be removed. In another way, you need to add valuable content to your pages and post, if you can’t just remove it
Remove AdSense Ads from vaolated pages – If you think you should not delete a page or a post not having valuable content then you should auto restrict ad serving on the same.


Original Poster

[Fix] How to Solve Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error
[Fix] How to Solve Adsense Problem: Under Construction Error

How solve under construction problem through Google Adsense

  1. Write meaningfull content: When you wrote the article correctly, It is not that your article has no meaning. You are writing articles on any topic. If you do not want to write an article in English then you can also write in Hindi. If you write good and meaningful articles in Hindi then you will definitely approve Google Adsense.

2.Reduce broken links: Remove any broken links in your website from your post or page. If you want to find broken links. you can use Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools will analyze your website and see you what’s wrong with your website.

3. Not change regularly: This means you do not change your website repeatedly. As the theme does not change, do not change the widget frequently, do not change the footer. Do not change posts and pages too frequently. When you apply for Adsense Approval, then you do not change anything after that. You do not rule out the article as because Google adsense gives  reply within 24hrs.

4. Regular upload post: You have to publish a post in your website every day. You continue to publish post continuously for at least 15 days in your website. After that you apply for Google Adsense.

5. Traffic(20000: In 2019, Google adsense changed some policies. Previously Google Adsense did not check traffic on your website. But now checks. Your website must have visited at least 2000 people. . Then you will approve them. Or all is a whole new update.

6. Indexing website and all links:That is, the number of links in your website. All that should be indexed in Google. You need to use Google Webmaster Tools for the index.

If you follow all or all. Your website will give 100% Google approval. I have received the approval of Google Adsense by following this same thing on my client’s website. If you have written 25 or 30 posts in your website If Google is not applying your website to Google, you can stop by 1 week and apply 4 posts. Then you will get easy approval.

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My name is imroj khan from Jharkhand {Dhanbad}. I am a WordPress developer. I’m BLOGGER. I Was started blogging BY 1 YEAR.
imroj khan
Imroj khan

How to install WordPress in C panel | Install WordPress | 2019


Hello, friends, today’s topic is very interesting. So you read this complete article.

We will know how to install WordPress in the c panel.

If you are thinking of building a website then WordPress is a great platform.

With WordPress, you can create a very beautiful website.

You can create any website from WordPress.If you do not have knowledge about coding.

then you can create a website from WordPress.But you have to first install WordPress in the C panel.

If You want to make the website. you have two things compulsory. first is domain and second hosting.

When you buy hosting from any website like GoDaddy, big rock, etc. there is a link to your email that link is your C Panel login page. where you have to click. C panel is a very important thing for a website. 

c panel detail
c panel detail


When you click on the link, you will have a one-page of C panel login. you fill up user name and password and open c panel dashboard.

cpanel login page
cpanel login page

After that, you will find the dashboard Then you have to go down. After that, you have to click on SoftCulous app installer.

when you click on softaculous app installer then open next page. this page is very important. so, you give full attention on this page. Click on installed.

Then you have to fill the entire data.As the user name and password, Which will be the login page of your WordPress.


Earn Paytm Cash: How to earn daily Paytm cash

Earn Paytm Cash: How to earn daily Paytm cash 

Hello, GUY, everybody wants to earn money There are lots of students who do not even have money for recharge.

You should Paytm KYC then you can earn money. Mini KYC and full KYC has any of this from you. Only then can you make money

Today we will know how to earn money from Paytm. You can not earn millions from Paytm But you can earn money for recharge.

Or you can earn more than that. Or the offer is not very wrong.

Paytm keeps bringing lots of offers. The one who will tell you the tricks is absolutely new.

Many people or tricks do not know. My friends have followed these tricks by earning Rs. 2000 in 3 days. Which is very good.

You can earn as much mobile number as you can. Now you think I have 2 or 3 mobile numbers just so. So now how we earn money.

Your friends will definitely be there. You can earn money from their mobile number too. The best thing is that without the KYC number you can earn.

That is, if KYC has not happened to your friend MOBILE NUMBER then you can earn money.

You get 40 poses at each mobile number. That means if you have 40 friends then you can earn 1600.

I think if you are a college student then you will surely have 40 friends. It is a great thing if it is gone.

It is very easy to follow these tricks. A 7-year-old child can do this too. You just have to buy Goel without money.

After that, he has to sell it. Now you would think about how to buy gold without money. I will tell you something. Or all you can do practically.

Earn Paytm Cash: How to earn daily Paytm cash. Just Follow 15 step earn 40RUPEES

1. First of all, you have opened PAYTM.

2. After that, there is no number in the Paytm created account. The number on which the Paytm has never been formed.

3. Then you write Gold in the Search Bar.

4. Then have to search.

5. Then you have to select 40 rupees.

6. And click on the Proceed.

7. Then you have to click on the Promo-code.

8. The promo-code is written in FREE 40 or FREE 30. When you write 30, choose from 30 rupees.

9. Then give a click on the proceed.

10. Just now you’ve bought gold. Now it is to sell it.

11. Then you have to search in the Gold Search Bar.

12. Then select it in the sell option.

13. Then you have to search in the Gold Search Bar.

14.  Then select it in the sell option.

14. Click here to sell in gram.

15. Then you will get the option of bank details. You have to give your bank details. After that click on the cell, Your process is now complete. Now your bank will have money.

If you like the article, then share it with your social media. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel. As well as follow my Facebook page and Instagram.


21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India

21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India.

Hello Guys, Today Topic about Mistakes blogging for the beginner. When you start blogging on someone’s say As you might have seen in a YouTube video, earning money from blogging.

When you come to talk about them, you start blogging. And it is said that you find it very easy to blogging. But when blogging is done. Then discover that or is difficult. And blogging is not as easy as it seems.

Blogging is the Earning or Depending on Your Traffic Or as traffic would be organic. That’s good. For Traffic, you have to rank a post in Google. To rank in Google, you have to write a good post. And the hard work is refining.

You say that 90% of bloggers fail. Only 10% of people have succeeded in their blogging career. Doing this causes 90% of bloggers to fail. Blogging is not a game. Which you play. Blogging is a business. Just like any business creates a product.

By the way, the blogger’s product remains his article. The more people will love your product as well. The better the posts will be, the more people will love your website. Just like the business you need the experience to run. Well, the website must be experienced to rank.

21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India.

1. Choose the Wrong Niche

bloggging for begineer When you think about blogging. So you can not find the right niche to decide or choose. Then you start the blog of the one whom you see as profitable. Or do the biggest mistake.

You should never work at seeing profits. So the question is then how to choose the niche. To choose a Niche you have to see your interest. 

The most important thing is knowledge. How much information do you have on that niche? If you do not even know. So how can you write articles?

You should have knowledge so that you write at least 100 posts on the website in more than 1000 words. Talking about making money So you have every niche money.Adsense is not best for a beginner ? why

2.Not Detail ContenT

bloggging for begineer When you write articles on any topic. you do not write in full details. Or write the details in 3 or 4 posts. And think that there will be come more views with 4 posts. But this does not happen.

Do not publish articles in a hurry. If you take 1 week to write an article then there is no problem. Whatever the article should be, it should be in complete detail. This results in good defeat with the visitor. Share Your Article Visitor Visitors are happy with your post.

3. Do not use Heading. like H1, H2, and H3

bloggging for begineer,When you write an article, you write in any heading. You also have to pay attention to the heading. Why Google Follows Headings You must use the H1, H2, H3, or 3 headings in your post. The heading is an SEO part. So you do not ignore it. So you have to keep the heading in mind, write the article.

4. Do not break a paragraph

bloggging for begineer, This means that you do not divide the post in the paragraph. It has been seen that the article changes the paragraph and gives Google value. So the first people used to write the entire article in a paragraph. But friends do not have it anymore. Now you have a lot of paragraph in a post.

5. Ignore published time.

bloggging for begineer, Many people ignore the time. That is when the mind then publishes the article. Make some routines without it. You must publish an article from a routine. Big bloggers keep this in mind. Beginner ignores bloggers or things.

Now you have to think about what to do with time. So let me explain it with an example. You will have to eat only at the same time every day. You follow this routine. If you are late for an hour, you are not allowed to enter the school. So you must have understood the importance of time here.

One thing is that millions of posts are published in every day in Google. So soon you’ll publish the article as fast as the article will rank. Google gives value to Old Post As you will know that Old This Gold So post it anytime but whenever you publish the post, then the same time. Or you can also publish your visitor by targeting. You know in Google Analytics that the visitor keeps going through the angle at your website.

6. Do not use social media

bloggging for begineer, Everyone uses social media. But they use personally. Which is a good thing But if you have a blog or business, then you use social media as a professional.

You will know that millions of people are active on social media. So you are promoting your article or business here. They are absolutely free. All you need to do is join a target group. If you have blog technical NICHE. So you join any technical group. And reuse your post in it. Or share the link. You will definitely get the result.

The Internet has more than 200 social media platforms. You must publish the post on all platforms. This will get backlinks to the website. I know or are difficult but friends will benefit you. Keep the social media share buttons in the post. Of course. Which means the visitor will share your post.

7. Do not use the correct keyword.

bloggging for begineer, The problem that happens to all the people. Whether beginner or expert Keyword research is not so easy. But those who are beginners, they post a post on any keyword.

They do not see how much the keyword search is. How much is the deficient? Or all the data you will see when writing the post. The game of blogging is on the keyword itself. So you research the keyword well. I know that you are a beginner. You can not use premium tools. So you use the UberSUGGEST tool Or is totally free.

This keyword tool lets you search for keywords. Here you will find how many people search this keyword. How much does it have SEO difficult? How much is% Chance to be Ranked? There is a great tool. Must use it.

8. Not reply Comment.

bloggging for begineer, You do not care about it. What people are saying Or do not respond to the comment. You have a big blogger who replies to every comment. There is a good relation with the visitor. So you also have to reply to the visitor.

9. Do not follow SEO.

Hey, guys are beginners, do not follow SEO in the article. Early on, the article is published. Thereby, the article does not rank. If you are told to follow your article SEO then the article rank will definitely do. You just have to keep your passion.

SEO learned first. How does Google rank the article? Friends can not tell you SEO 100% right. Or you have to learn from Experience. You will take some time. But when you are an expert then you can earn good money. The demand for an SEO expert is very high on the internet.

10. Do not create a backlink.

A backlink is an SEO part. A backlink is the backbone of your website. Backlinks help you to rank in the article. If you make backlinks from the Competitor, then your article rank will be soon.

But keep in mind that more backlink is not perfect with rank. And remember once you make quality backlinks. The website of which is DA OR PA. Making a backlink to any website will not be of any use.

11. Do not use a clean theme.

Having such themes do not matter. But people do not keep clean themes. By which the visitor becomes irritated. And the theme should be loading too fast. It is often seen that the website of all the big bloggers is very clean.

12. Do not attention mobile friendly.

You often do not take care of whether your website or article is mobile friendly or not. Google gives value to the mobile-friendly article. Why people keep their mobile from the computer active on the mobile. From which Google thinks the website or article mobile will be friendly, the article will look good to the visitor.

13. Do not use correct Tags.

Any beginner who does not pay attention to the tag. Some people use any tag. So you have to use the same tag as the keyword in your article. That is, if your article has 10 keywords, then you use the same keyword in the tag.

14. Do write post-High competition.

If you start blogging then just earning money in your mind. Because of which you make a lot of mistakes in blogging. You write an article on a keyword that has good traffic, but there is a lot of difficulties.

You Ignore the difficulty and publish the article and think that the article will be ranked. The DA and PA of the website of the Beginners are not yet known. So how does the article rank backward to High DA and PA website So if you are making a mistake, then you write this article to keep it in mind?

15. Use Free Hosting.

Thinking of Beginner’s blogging seems to be from youtuber’s point of view. And many YouTubers say that you use free domains and hosting in the beginning. But friends, I believe you do not use free hosting. If you have some money then you can buy hosting. Hosting is also available to you in very cheap. Many websites that give shots cheaply.

16. Do copy another article. 

Or the work that’s done is very beginner. They copy each other’s blog and paste their website and then publish it and think that the article will be ranked. Look friend who’s got a lot of streaks. Or the work was earlier but now it does not happen.

If you copy an article and publish it on your website, then you are wasting time in the blogging career. So you have to give the original content. If your content is original then your article rank will definitely be there. Never use another’s hard work. Work yourself. Then you will succeed in blogging.

17. Do not use the correct description.

The description is a part of SEO. A friend or a basic person is with everyone. The description cannot be written by any good. Beginner description writes anything. A description is to write that the article which you are writing is its short meaning. Keywords should also come in the description. this is compulsory.

18. Do not use an email subscription feature.

Beginners do not feature subscriptions on their website. So that people can not subscribe to their website. Subscriber feature is a great advantage. Such as collector’s email. Then email marketing. Or send an article to an email. And a lot of benefits from email. But email should be correct.

19. AIM in Earning.

Making money is a great thing but the relish comes when you earn your talent. The beginner who has the purpose of making money is always ours. That’s wrong. You would know that making money from blogging is not as easy as it sounds. Blogging gives earning on your traffic. How much traffic is there on the website? The beginner should focus on traffic, and no money is needed.

20. Share article NOT timely.

Articles of your website should be timely shared. It provides a lot of benefits. Such as your article will be traffic from social media. And the bounce rate for the article will be lower. Big bloggers who follow this work. They definitely do old articles on a stock or Facebook page in the month. The beginners do not do that. Or there is also a reason that beginners make mistakes.

21.NOT  Update article

This mistake even bigger or successful bloggers to do. Then it will be from the beginner. Many people write articles once, after that, they sometimes focus on that article. That’s a big mistake. So you need to update the old article one after another in 6 months. So do not think that once you write an article, now the work is finished. If you keep updating the article, Google will feel that the article is new. And Google will let him rank on the first page.

END 21 Mistakes Blogging For Beginners | Make Top Blogger in India.

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Youtube Subscribers Rank : How to Youtube Subscribers Rank in 2019

Today Topic is How to youtube subscribers Rank, everyone wants to become a youtuber. Should make money or promote the video.

 Some years ago YouTube did not hear the name. But since the JIO has come, YouTube user growth has increased in India. 

Talk about the current user’s 1.9 billion users every month and stay active.

One time we did not know the YouTube name. But today is the second largest search engine. That is, Google is the first one. 

After that is YouTube. But YouTube is a social media platform. But people have made this a search engine. 

If you have any problems then search in YouTube. . There is a lot of growth in the future OF Youtube.

I have seen that the children want to leave their studies and become Youtuber. Which is a huge risk. YouTube does not guarantee you that you will earn money.

That is, you do not give full time in YouTube. 

This will save you a lot of time. And those people who do jobs. They will also advise you that you go to the job and pay attention.

 Why it is very difficult to get success to YouTuber today. But not impossible. That is, you can become a youth. It takes a lot of time for friends to get into YouTube.

You can also run YouTube as Business. There are so many YouTuber that have made youtube like business. But they have taken a lot of time.

You know why many people fail in YouTube .

When you want to work in YouTube, you do not attention some information about YouTube. That is how YouTube works.

 How is video rank in YouTube? what is Subscriber in YouTube. All is the basic thing. But you should be aware of everything or everything.

You know that even though you say so much, your video does not rank.

 To tell the truth, Big Youtuber or small Youtuber all work hard. But Big youtuber View comes in the videos of YouTube, but the small Youtuber comes in a low view.

Let me tell you some way to rank your video. If you do not see your video then you can follow this process. Or process you should do. As much as youtube is, all follow this process.

Tell me some tips. You must follow these tips.

 Many people read the tips of such people but do not follow them. But you should not do that. You follow this tip.

 Before you talk about a thing youtube is a machine which runs from some allogrithm. 

That allogrithm ranks the video by following some tips. So you must be careful about this.

How To Youtube Subscribes Rank

What is a keyword?

KEYWORD is called those who search IN Google and Youtube.

That is, if someone searches on Google or in YouTube. Some keywords are searched by typing.

 Like did any people search in google or youtube on YouTube keyword.If you still do not understand. 

I want to understand by image.You will definitely understand by image. Because picture understand power is equal to 100 text word. 

Friends photo quality is not good but you understand.

I hope now you will have got the understanding.You can use the Keyword Tool for keywords.This means that the topic on which you are making video.

 What is the keyword of that topic? Before searching for a keyword, see its volume. That is, how much people search on that keyword.

If the keyword is searched by 5000 people, then you can use that keyword.


Description is a short post that is written about the same video. But many people use it in many ways. As it will add an affiliate link. Or add a promotional product link.

YouTube gives a lot of value to Description . And you have to write the description well. 

And be aware that in the description you should have a keyword.So you definitely do decryption.

 Description written in at least 300 words From this, YouTube will rank your video quickly.

Friends, you may have understood in this image what the description is.

 Some people write anything in description. which is not a topic related.

 But remember you write a description about the topic on which the video you are creating.


Tags is a Sub keyword.

We can also called the tag as a keyword.

TAGS is your video’s sub keyword. This means that if someone searches for the TAG keyword in YouTube Then that keyword contains your video rank.

 If you want to rank your video early, then you should use at least 20 keywords in your video. 

Does that mean you do not have any TAG delals? When using TAG, you have to take care of something.

So you have seen in this image how much the tags are. So you also have to use it at the time of video upload. And what you will use to tag. 

That should be the keyword. Then your video will help to rank.

You should know that when you upload some of the social media platforms, you give it # tags. The post will rank quickly.

 Its an example is Instagram when you upload photos to Instagram, then you use the # tags in it. That’s why you should also use YouTube.


The bigger name of the thumbnail is its name. 

There is much work to do to get the view in the video. 

The entire video has a thumbnail backbone. You do not ignore this.

 Thumbnail is an image. Which tells the visitor what video the video is on. Now it does not mean or is 100% correct.

 Some people use it with black tricks. How do they make videos on any other topic and thumbnails seem to be something else.

Which way should the thumbnails be made? Friends Thumbnails You must be very aggressive.

 Thumbnails should be absolutely trust.

 It is not that the video is on any other topic and thumbnails of any other topic This makes the visitor very irritable.


If most should be good then it is content.

 If your content is amazing. So people will share your videos themselves. 

So that your video will be promoted. Then your views will start coming. You know one thing, Content this King. 

That is, the content of the most known aspect is to grow your YouTube career. 

So first you have to do your best to complete the content. So that the visitor should subscribe to you once.

Friends, if you take 3 days to make the video. It does not matter, no matter. But give you good content. 

Give the full knowledge to the video you create. This will make the subscriber base good. At least your video should be 5.

All the videos you make should be solved with all video problems. Not that you make anything video. Now there will be a question in your mind.

 My channel is of comedy. So how to create a video on the question.

Friends, for this, you have to make a question on any question. Force you to make a video like social. 

Thereby, the society can learn something. Such as making videos on school life.


There will be no need to tell about about quality.

 No matter the quality without quality is not good. 

Here’s the quality of how the video is. Your video is in HD or not. If your video is clear then people will definitely watch your video. 

But now you will have a question that I do not have a camera, so how to do video quality. Friends, if you have any mobile phone then you can edit good video. And make quality videos from it.

When you go to watch movies, you like to watch videos in a good quality in TREATER. Likewise, you have to make quality videos too. 

Because the visitor is not irreated. Many people are such that the voice of the goat is in the video.

 The same video has been uploaded to YouTube. It does not look good with the visitor’s attention.

Add subtitles, cards, end screen 

It have a process. You should have seen that when we watch the whole video, the last video contains 3 or 4 video banner.

You can promote 4 videos from a video using it. That is, if any one of your videos becomes viral. Those automatic 4 videos will be viral. 

So you must use it. We call them Add subtitles, cards, end screen to your video.

Share on Social Media

When you follow all the tips or you should follow the tips. 

Today’s social media is very active people live.

 So you should share the video in social media.

 If your content is good then there will be lots of shares in the social media. 

Which will increase your subscriber.

Reply Comment

Those people who do not pay attention, do not reply to the comment.

 When the visitor sees your video then there is a question in his mind that asks in the comment.

 You should reply to his comment. This will make good connections with your subscriber.

End How To Youtube Subscribes Rank

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How to Earn Money sportskeeda cricket – sportskeeda cricket

How to Earn Money sportskeeda cricketsportskeeda cricket

Hey Guy, Today’s Topic How to Earn Money sportskeeda cricket. Today the importance of money has increased. All people want money wisely.

All people are good at money but they do not earn as much they need. Some people earn a lot of money. Some people do not earn money while they do not earn money.

These people are called the middle classes. They have to believe that the amount of hard-earned money That is why those people struggled for a lifetime of money.

People who are of middle class They say that you can earn as much as you have a qualification. But those who are wealthy start earning money at a very young age.

Like most successful Investor Warren Buffett started earning money for 11 years.

I have seen that many people do hard work even after hard work. Even those people cry for money. They work hard but do not have the technique to earn money and save money. That rich person knows well.

People who do not earn money or write a post If you are a student then you can earn money by following it. Or is a process. It can not make you richer from earning money here. But you can do your utmost. You do not miss this article.

If you are a student then you will know how much unemployment is increasing. you know about Instagram

Talk about getting admission in school or getting government jobs, where lakhs are crowded. That’s why many people did not get jobs. So that their problem is growing.

The most forgiving regret happens when you make a lot of money, despite the fact that you do not earn money. Friends, if you are thinking about making money in a smart way then you have to have patience. it is not necessary to tell you that there are so many ways to make money.

Friends, I know that it looks like watching IPL matches. And you will also have a lot of knowledge. But you know that you can earn money by writing an article about IPL.

Now you have a question in mind. Do I have to do blogging? To get this started, I have to buy domains and hosting. what are domain and hosting? And I have to put money in it. And you can not even rank your article fast. You are telling Falatu.

Friends, you do not have to do this at all. Neither do you have to buy domains or hosting? Do not you have to rank the article. So you have had a question again in your mind how to earn money. And say the article will say.

You have to write an article on a website. Or the website is absolutely trustworthy. If you write articles in it then you can earn a lot of money from it.

There is a question in your mind that if I do not have any knowledge of IPL then how will I write? Friends, if you have knowledge of any sport, then you can write articles. And you can earn money. If you want to write an article on this website, then you have to first search in Google. The website name is sportskeeda.

And or the website is also for those who are thinking of making backlinks to your website. You can make backlinks in free or you can also provide an affiliate link.

As we make backlinks, we analyze the website. Like his da upper pa is fine But or the question comes I do not have to backlink. So what will I do backlink? Friends, you must also think about whether traffic comes to the website or not. If the website does not get traffic, how will the website pay?

So first we have how much of its DA and PA website. If it is good then we will backlink this website. This has increased the VALUE of the websites of Google’s on Google.

Now we will know how much traffic comes to this website.

If there is no traffic on a website then the website is not correct. But if there is good traffic on a website, then you should write an article.


So we have also seen its traffic. Now how will we earn money from this? And how to write a post on this website. So you keep reading this article carefully.

1. First of all, please search for sportskeeda on Google. And then click on it after searching.

2. create an account on the website.

3. you write a unique article.

4. wait for approval

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WordPress website speed: Increase WordPress website speed ?

Hey Guy, How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin .everyone has the same problem. The problem is that there is no traffic on the website or blog. When you start of blog or website. when you write an article then more grammar and spelling mistake. you improve the article.

Or the problem happens with everyone. If there is no traffic on your website then you are doing some mistake. You do not worry about this problem. You know or increase the WordPress website speed.

Let me tell you one thing All the successful content marketers or SEO( search engine optimize ) expert were the same problems as in the beginning time.

When they were also creating their own blog or website. His website also did not get traffic. they have to pay attention to Increase WordPress website speed.

and they have learned regularly and have made their brand of own website or blog and name today. Today they are earning millions of money.

There are many people who leave blogging. because the reason is not traffic in their blog. So you do not have to do this. You do not leave your blog or website.

You’ve been regularly working hard on your blog or website. You work in the right way on your website or blog. Learn more from other bloggers.

The more you read the blog you will learn. All the expert bloggers as well as everyone,  have read so much blog.

If you are writing your post well. And doing full SEO  too. The keyword low competition is also a choice, and that keyword has thousands of search results. Still, your blog is not ranked.

Google has lots of algorithms that apply to your blog. Many people do not attention about what we know today. And Google gives a lot of value to this thing. If you have to know then read this article carefully.

If your website’s loading time is not good or the speed of page loading is also not good. Your article will not rank on the first page. So you have to do all or the good. We will know its complete details.

what is page speed?

Increase WordPress website speed.
Increase WordPress website speed.

Page Speed Definition is very easy and very small. Page Speed means that your article or post is taking so much time to open it.

If you want to know in simple language Page Speed means how long time your post is taking to load. If your post or article is taking a long time to load, then your page speed is not good.

If a visitor opens your article and your post page opens quickly This makes the visitor happy. 

If your post page does not open quickly, the visitor will leave your website and go to another website. And your website’s bounce rate will be very bad.

Which means Google will not let your blog rank. You will know that The more time visitor or subscriber spend or see in YouTube videos with good watch time, the faster your video will rank in YouTube.

 Thereby causing the video to rank. It is also followed by a rule in the blog. If people live and read in your post or website for a long time.

Google will rank your website or post. You must be careful that the blog remains on the first page. That blog is very big.

By which people give time to go to that post. And the bounce rate is good. So that their article or post is ranked.

If you improve the page speed of your website then your website will start to rank. There is a lot of hot reason for page speed decreasing. You can measure Page Speed by using a lot of free tools. If someone ignores it then you will know to significance after some time. 

Tell you one more thing if your page speed is not good. Your blogger’s career may be poor. You do not mind my talk. But or the truth is the matter. You should pay attention to page speed. You do not even ignore at all.

Now you might think that how we do good to page speed. Can we do it for free? Or you can do good page speed for free.

Why are Pages Speed Slow?

Increase WordPress website speed.
Increase WordPress website speed.

I have told you earlier that there is a lot of reason. But we will talk about something important. Which often happens. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

  • Website Page Size large.  

  • Website’s page is not mobile-friendly.

  • Image size bigger.

  • Adding a lot of add in the post or on the website.

  • Use more widgets on your website.

  • Bad Hosting.

  • Use more plugin on the website.

  • Background image.

  • Theme.

Website Page Size large

When you become a website, you make the home page very large. If your website gives some services and sells your product, then you can make the first page larger.

But if you have a website of your blog. You write blogs on any topic. You must read the successful blogger’s article and see their website as well.

You know that India’s largest tech blogger is Harsh Agarwal. Whose website is ShoutMeloud? You can check their website. Their website’s home page or first page is too small. It means that you will see 4 posts in it.

If you do not understand the facts. So I understand you with simple language. What do many people do on their website? Keeps a lot of post on the homepage or first page of the website. Like a news website lives in.

If your blog is a website then you should not do this. But if your website is of news. Then you can a lot of post a website on the first page.

The smaller your page will be, the faster your website or post will open. So you do not have to grow your page. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed

Website’s page is not mobile-friendly

Your website or post should be mobile-friendly in Google’s algorithm. You will know that the layout changes in the mobile of your website.

You will find different layouts on your computer, and the mobile phone will have a layout. And 60% of people search for the mobile. In the coming days, people will be using Google from mobile phones than desktop.

The way mobile is growing. For this reason, Google will be used by mobile phones.

How would you know if the website is mobile friendly or not? If you want to know whether your website or blog is mobile friendly or not. So you have to use a tool. Which is Google’s product? And it’s totally free. You will not get any charge to use this tool.

if you want to know your website or post is mobile friendly please you click here. check your website by this tool. 

increase WordPress website speed
increase WordPress website speed

If you want to make your website mobile friendly then you have to take care of something. First of all, you have to choose a mobile-friendly theme.

If you choose the right theme then your 90% work is done. You can make a mobile friendly using some plugins. plugins are jetpack and wp mobile pack. Or were the two easy ways that you have to use.

Mobile friendly website or post is very helpful in getting ranked. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed

Image size bigger

There are many people who are too much in their post using the image. Look, friends, you must use the image in your post, but do not use more the image in post.

The lesser the size of the image, the better it is for your post and website. The size of the image should not be exceeded by 220kb. If the size of the image is gone then the post will take a long time to load. This will have a bad effect on your website.

You will find a lot of websites, which you can use in Google to create a low size image. There are lots of tools and premiums too. You can use a website that you can use to reduce the size of the image. the website name is web resizer. and resize images. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

Adding a lot of add in the post or on the website.

If you have read the article carefully. So I have told about it. Do not use the maximum article on your website page. Your website will look as clean as you would like.

 Many people think that if there is a maximum article on the first page, the visitors will definitely read. But friends will not think good to see your website if your website is full.

The more clean blogs you can have. Your website will soon become a brand. Visitors look at your website and understand that the blogger is in position from the angle.

You must have seen that the bigger the blogger is. Their page is very small. Give you an example of a suspicious blogger.

The name website of your shout-me-loud will then be heard. Or is blog Harsh Agarwal? You must have seen their blog on more clean it is. His blog’s first page has 3 articles.

How To add minimum Articles in Your Website

  • First, you open the dashboard of WordPress.

  • After that click in Settings.

  • Then you will get the reading option. Clicking is in the reading.

  • choice number of the article.

  • click on save-change.


    You can see on my website that only 5 posts will appear on one page. My website now has page number 15. And every page has 5 posts. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

    Use more widgets on your website

You fill too much in the widget on a website. You do not have to do anything on the website widget.

You have to have the option of the popular post in the widget. And keep an affiliate product in the widget.

Do not keep in the more than two option widget on the website. If you add more widget in a website, then the page speed of your website will decrease. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

Bad Hosting

Weak Web hosting also reduces your website and page speed. If you do not take the right hosting. This means that your hosting website is unable to load.

If your website has more post or image is a website. So your hosting should be very good. Or your blog is 2000 visitor Daily, you should still good hosting.

You can take hosting from Blue Host, in this, you get a good hosting. You get full customer support. Many more bloggers who use Bluehost hosting. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed. if you want to buy a good domain.

Use more plugin on the website

Many bloggers use a lot of plugins to give their types of features on their website. If your website sells the product then you will have a lot of plugins installed. You have to take good hosting for this.

But if your blog is a website then you do not use the more plugin. The lightest your website will be. The more your website will open soon. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

Background image

Never use a background image. If you have to do then your website speed may be lower. The background image does not look good on the website.

If you want your website or page speed to be good, then do not use a background image. By following this you can increase WordPress website speed.

So if you want anyone to open your website and page well. Rank your article on Google. Bounce rate is low. Both your website and page speed are good. There is a good response to your visitor. complete the topic  to Increase WordPress website speed.

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